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Computer Software

CSL can order a wide range of software products on an "as requested" basis. Between CSL and our overseas suppliers, we can offer you highly competitive prices on goods.

If you have any software requirements, our friendly trained staff will be more than pleased to discuss your plans. That way you can be sure that you are getting the product that is right for you, and not something that is below or beyond your needs. It may be that you or your company actually requires something that is not available "over the counter". In cases such as these, CSL has a fully trained software development team and they may be able to tailormake your software solutions

The following products are the most popular, but if you need something that is not on our list, contact us and we may be able to order it in for you:

    IMAS - Integrated Management Accounting System IMAS - Integrated Management & Accounting Application System

    IMAS - Integrated Management Accounting System IMS - Payroll System

    PAYMAS Preceda PAY


    Attache Business Partner Attaché Business Partner

    Microsoft Products

    • Office Professional
    • Windows XP Pro / Windows 2007 / 2010
    • Sharepoint
    • Hyper-V

    *older version of Microsoft products available

    Adobe Products

    • Adobe Photoshop , Adobe CS6

    Server Software

    • Proxy Server
    • SQL Server
    • Windows Server

    Miscellaneous Products

    • AntiVirus - Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky
    • Games software
    • Accounting software - Attaché Business Partner, MYOB
    • MDaemon