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Zoom Broadband

Choose from our range of affordable home plans. Perfect for people who surf mostly at night and on the weekends.

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If you need to be online all the time with all the time with high-speed then this is the plan for you. You will experience high-speed broadband all day long.

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Zoom is Samoa.WS' super-speed, wireless broadband solution. Consistent with Samoa.WS' continuous efforts to offer the best internet services in Samoa, Zoom is a modern, internet service which is consistent with those available in developed countries including NZ and Australia.


Zoom is based on innovative Wimax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) technology and unlike dial-up and ADSL which require telephone lines and cables, Zoom brings the Internet to you at super-fast speeds via radio-waves. Sign up today on a plan, get a modem, connect to the Internet and you're online in no time.


Much has been published about Wimax. It uses radio waves to deliver secure, high-speed broadband wireless internet. Sometimes known as 'wireless DSL' and 'Wi-Fi on steroids' because of faster speed and wider coverage, Wimax can connect remote locations where there are no telephone lines and cables.