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Domain Registration

Domain Registration

CSL is the custodian on behalf of the Government for the .WS domain name. You can register you very own .WS domain name by visiting our office on the Ground Floor of the SLAC building in Matafele or online via www.samoanic.ws

Some domain names are reserved only for Samoan nationals and only from our main office such as:

.NET.WS; and


Register a .WS Domain

Get your .WS (WebSite) domain now!


If you are a local resident of Samoa, we invite you stop by our office or contact us for assistance.

Computer Services Limited
SLAC Building, Ground Floor
Apia, Samoa
Phone: (685) 20 926 / 20 927
Fax: (685) 20 932

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.