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Lavaspot Hotspot

Lavaspot Wireless Hotspot

LavaSpot, is CSL's high-speed, wireless Internet service which is based on WiFi technology. It allows users to access the Internet from anywhere within a LavaSpot zone, at anytime using wireless broadband technology.

Surf more for less with our new 10 hour and 20 hour cards!

By paying for more hours up front you will save more while surfing the Web. And whats more our Lavaspot cards could easily last for months. Once you log in your time starts counting down. Once you log out it stops. So you could use a 10 or 20 hour card for ages no sweat. Best of all its wireless. Visit any one of our Lavaspot locations and enjoy high-speed internet from your Wifi enabled device.

Buy Cards Now..

1 (One) Hour Card

2 (Two) Hour Card

5 (Five) Hour Card

10 (Ten)  Hour Card

20 (Twenty) Hour Card


Lavaspot Hosting

LavaSpot Access Points enable the LavaSpot signal to be beamed across a particular area allowing access to LavaSpot.

Ensure your customers get the best wireless broadband access available. Make access to high speed internet a breeze. Become a LavaSpot Access Point today! Becoming a LavaSpot Access Point is an easy, cost-effective way for providing highspeed internet access for conferences, hotels, cafes, restraunts and schools.

Contact us for more information on how YOUR BUSINESS can become a LavaSpot Access Point and reap the benefits of high speed internet.

Connecting to Lavaspot

Connecting to LavaSpot is simple!
  1. Find LavaSpot. If your wireless hardware is turned on (or plugged in, if you're using an adapter) and you are inside a coverage zone, your laptop/device should automatically recognise LavaSpot.
  2. Connect to LavaSpot. Select LavaSpot, and then click Connect.
  3. Launch your Internet Browser.
  4. On the LavaSpot Login page, enter your Username/Password. After you have logged in, do not close the LavaSpot Login page. Ensure it is minimised as you will need it to log out.